Learning and Development

  Core concept

  Talents philosophy: the pursuit of cultural identity Warner , both ability and character , the harmony of the applicable corporate status quo and future development

  People who use philosophy: the pursuit of individual employees highly value and enterprise value of harmony and unity

Talent development philosophy : the pursuit of corporate talent development investment returns and employee personal growth harmony and unity


  Ask for Outlook

  A real talent should first have a noble character qualities should integrity, honesty , full of self- dedication, Warner requiring employees should first have integrity, honesty, character traits , there are strategies that can improvise .

  Gang fitness of their energy, who lent their bit . Select the most suitable for each job and everyone at Warner can find the most suited to their jobs.


  Employment outlook

  First, fair competition , merit ; two posts on the fitness of their energy, expertise and resources ; third is the rational flow and dynamic management .

  Human resources development and management is the essence , give full play to each person's potential ability to make everyone feel the competitive pressure from within the enterprise and the market every day , and be able to convert pressure into a competitive power, which is the secret of sustainable development of enterprises .


  Educational Ideals

  Character is a prerequisite to measure the talent , the deeper moral consciousness , the ability to train and play higher , character and abilities are valuable corporate resources.


  Keep people view

  Emphasis reflects the value of individual employees . At the same time so that everyone working for Warner , personal career to be successful , greatly improved material life , creating a feeling of family, so everyone at home under the warmth of infection caring , support each other and improve together .

  Unlimited stage look good dancer, development and expansion of Warner look forward to your joining !