Companies in the "Science and technology are primary productive forces", to develop research, using international advanc-ed production process acid phase, greatly enhance the tensile strength of CPE. 

  The company has a refining presses, tablet curing, stretching machine, twisting change and other advanced equipment,

CPE can be as many as two dozen indicators for testing. 

  For the quality of products, the company is Cengcengbaguan, pay close attention to every detail of production, while produc-tion products Pipi testing, strictly controlled, surly safeguard the interests of customers. 

  The company also sell the product for real-time tracking and actively learn from customer feedback, so let every customer

satisfaction assured.

  • Thermal decomposition measurements
  • Tablet rheometer
  • Lian presses
  • Stretching machine
  • Measuring the degree of crystallinity