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  Warner Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Anhui have " territory even Poit , thoroughfare through nine provinces ," the reputati-on of the premier hometown Dingyuan , located in the " eco- salt billion chemical base " will be far salinization Anhui Industrial
Park . South Hefei , Huainan west , north Bengbu , Chuzhou east . Nearly into the Nanjing metropolitan area , Hefei Economic
Zone , the Yangtze River Delta economic zone melting away . Anhui Province "861" key project of Anhui HuaSu Action Plan Corp-oration adjacent to the production of chemicals has unique advantages . Manufacturing strength , excellent technology, has the
top chlorinated polyethylene production team , the introduction of advanced production technology and production processes,
with a high degree of automation of production facilities ; chlorinated polyethylene annual output of 50,000 tons, the highest in
the nation .
  Warner Anhui Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 , with a total investment of 330 million , and strive to bui-ld the country 's largest production base of chlorinated polyethylene . Company advanced production equipment . Sophisticated technology , the introduction of advanced production technology , the use of the country's leading acid phase chlorinated polyet-hylene production process . Meanwhile, the company has the world's second Encyclopedia of automated production lines, capacity of response equipment 30000L, following the country's second largest Weifang Yaxing response equipment. Expected an-nual output of 50,000 tons. Warner Chemical Co., Ltd. in Anhui sales network are: Guangzhou , Kunming, Xiangtan , Shenyang,
Xinjiang , Lanzhou, Jiangyin , Chongqing, Shanghai , Dalian , Tianjin, Hangzhou, Hong Kong , Taiwan.
  Company's two-pronged approach , on the one hand the production and intensifying management , hired a number of exp-erienced managers, and vigorously promote the ISO9001 quality management system and safety standardization in the indust-ry has made remarkable achievements in the field . Companies in the " Science and technology are primary productive forces" , to develop research, using international advanced production process acid phase , greatly enhance the tensile strength of CPE . The company has a refining presses , tablet curing, stretching machine , twisting change and other advanced equipment, CPE can be as many as two dozen indicators for testing. For the quality of products , the company is Cengcengbaguan , pay close at-tention to every detail of production , while production of products for the detection Pipi , strictly controlled , surly safeguard the interests of customers.
Companies selling products for real-time tracking and actively learn from customer feedback , so rest assured that every custo-mer satisfaction . Safety is the company's commitment to the community , employees have to undergo a rigorous hands-on tra-ining , and resolutely put an end to all kinds of security risks. Company Location -prone safety incidents are marked with safety warnings , practical action to protect the health and stability of the social workers.

  Company to build an ecological chemical industrial base as the goal, the use of advanced science and production technol-ogy , production of acid phase chlorinated polyethylene truly zero discharge of sewage , played an exemplary role in the industry , as " blue sky, clear water, green ." make due contributions . Effort to build a "safe Warner , Green Warner , Warner harmony ." 

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