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Chlorinated Polyethylene Resin is a new synthetic material with a series of excellent performance

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  The late 1990s , the domestic demand for high-performance flame-retardant rubber growing, especially in the wire and ca-ble industry , the development of auto parts manufacturing industry, led to the rubber type CPE consumer demand. Rubber type CPE is a comprehensive performance excellent heat aging oxygen ozone , flame resistance of special synthetic rubber.
  Chlorinated polyethylene resin is a new synthetic material with excellent properties . It is an excellent PVC plastic impact
modifier is a comprehensive good performance synthetic rubber, has a very wide range of applications , has been widely used
in cables, wires , hoses , tape , rubber products , sealing materials, fire-retardant conveyor belt , waterproof materials, films and a variety of profiles and other products. CPE also with polypropylene , high and low pressure polyethylene , ABS and other blends to improve the flame retardant properties of these plastics , anti-aging properties and printing performance products . CPE
can be seen as , polyvinyl chloride and 1.2 twelve random copolymer molecular chain saturated , polar random distribution of
chlorine atom , as having excellent physical and chemical properties , are widely used in mechanical , electrical , chemicals, b-uilding materials and mining industries. CPE heat resistance, ozone and weather resistance, aging better than most rubber ,
nitrile rubber is superior oil resistance (NBR), chloroprene rubber (CR), anti-aging better than sulfochlorination chloride (CSM); acid, corrosive nature of alkali , salt and other non-toxic, nonflammable , non-explosive .

  Mainly used: wire and cable ( for use in mines specified in the standard wire and cable , UL and VDE , etc. ) , hydraulic ho-se , automotive hose, tape , rubber , PVC profile pipe modification, magnetic , ABS modified so . 

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